About Us


Boston coal is a distributor of coal and coal burning stoves serving Eastern Massachusetts. Our interest in coal started with being involved with oil and oil emulsions used in the pavement business. Over the years watching the price of oil go up and down based on a number of factors both internal and international we say a heat source (coal) that has stayed stable over the a long number of years. With trucking capacity available it only makes sense to stock and sell and alternative energy source to help people control their cost of heating.

With multiple sources of supply we are constantly striving to find the perfect coal source. Sort of like Juan Valdez traveling the coffee plantations we have worked to find the best coal sources. This is an ongoing process to find a clean burning “green” coal for burning in a home heating stove. For heating we look for coal that is from the center of the vein, burns with low ash residue and has a high BTU content. This coal is different from the coal burned in power plants or in the old days of smog in London due to burning high sulfur coal. Other than blacksmithing coal we sell Anthracite coal that burns remarkably clean, soot and pollution free. It is cleaner than heating with wood. Once up to normal temperature, there is no visible smoke whatsoever from coal.

If you are looking for a coal burning stove to heat with we handle reading coal stoves and also have available used stoves. So we can supply you with economical heating methods that provide environmentally friendly, safe and efficient heating.