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Coal is an alternative energy source for home heating and supplementing your home heating. Switching to coal is based on an economic incentive that also has additional benefits. Coal Stoves offer tremendous fuel cost savings - with the rising costs of conventional heating sources such as oil, gas, propane or wood, coal is a very cost effective alternative energy source. Heating with a coal stove can provide enough heat energy for 1,800 sq feet of living space. Depending on the model, the coal stoves we sell can deliver up to 85,000 BTU's which is sufficient to heat a home that is up to 1800 Sq. Ft. Coal as an alternative energy can supplement the heating source of larger homes to sharply cut the total cost of heating with other conventional fuels.

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Coal is the most widely available energy resource around the world. The total reserve of coal is at least four times more than the known oil reserve. It is eight times greater than the natural gas reserve. As usual with the economics of supply and demand, coal being in large supply, coal is an economical alternative energy.

With the tremendous amount of coal reserves available here in America opposed to the ever increasing risk that conventional sources of fuel could be interrupted at any time. High quality low emission anthracite coal widely available in nearby in central Pennsylvania. When using a coal stove as the primary or supplemental source of heat a coal stove gives you assurance that you will be able to heat your home at any price.

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In considering coal as an alternative energy source for a home there are some preconceived notions about pollution and smell. Coal that is burned in power plants gets a lot of attention due to its high sulfur content and pollution that it generates. Power plant coal is a softer coal either “Subbituminous” and found mostly in western states and Alaska used to produce steam for electricity generation. The other power plant coal is Bituminous coal. This coal is has high heat value. It is used to generate electricity and to produce coke, a coal residue used in the steel industry.

The anthracite coal that we sell is for home heating it is clean burning with no odor or smoke unlike the others listed above. As an alternative fuel for use in the Boston area you should know that the United States has about 7.3 billion tons of anthracite, most of which can be found in Pennsylvania. So you are freed of foreign politics and keep jobs and cash flow with in this country. Putting it more directly money spent on coal stoves and coal heating stays in the U.S., as opposed to traveling out of country supporting a foreign nation.

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Year over year the price of coal has stayed constant. Using this alternative fuel brings some logistical benefits. It can be stored inside or out and does not spoil. It is locally available here in Boston for pick up or delivery. Coal stoves are easy to operate with self-feeding stoves with large capacity hoppers. The stoves we sell are easy to maintain with occasionally empty the ash container. Installation of freestanding models can be inexpensive since they vent directly to your existing chimney or can be installed where there is no chimney. Consider the alternative energy for your home and free yourself from the energy cartels. Call 781-254-2773 for information and any questions you may have. You can save by installing a coal stoker stove today.