Coal Binscoal-storage-bin

We sell and install wood coal bins. With the purchase of bulk coal we can supply a wood coal bin for coal storage. Pre assembled pieces are used to form a four sided coal bin. Burning coal can help save space. The amount of space needed to store coal versus storing wood is one fourth less. A cord of wood would take 4ft x 4ft x 8ft. A bin to store four tons of coal takes 4ft x 5ft x 8ft. It is higher by one foot but equivalent to four cords of wood. So the total handleing of material is less as well as space required in comparison to storing wood.

Our bins are sold as a 4-sided modular kit and range from 3-8 ton capacity. Complete bin kits are available or we can be set the bin up at your location.

For more information on our coal bin kits or installation call 781-254-2773 or fill in our contact form and note how many tons you want to store in the notes section