Anthracite Coal

anthracite-coal-for-heatingA piece of anthracite coal used for heating

Anthracite Coal is one of natures cleanest burning solid fossil fuels. Boston Coal sells the highest quality anthracite coal because it is clean burning and does not have an odor. If you are new to heating with coal the grading of coal is important to understand. Power plants burn a high sulpher content coal such as bituminous coal. The difference is in the carbon content and lower impurities. Anthracite coal has the fewest impurities in it. Also of great importance to people heating with coal it has the highest calorific or energy content compared to other coals. The blue shinny color is a way to identify this coal in comparison to the other types of coal.

Anthracite ignites when it is heated alot and burns with a short, blue, smokeless flame. It has a high carbon content and few impurities. Boston Coal works hard to buy from the best supplieres that have the highest quality Anthracite coal that is nearest the center of the coal seam.

Sizing of Anthracite Coal

For heating purposes the chunck coal at the mine is broken down to sizes that will flow well in a stocker stove and have a good surface area for burning. Types of coal that stocked are nut pea and rice coal. The sizing of Nut coal is between 7/8" to 1.5". Pea sized coal is between 9/16" and 7/8". Then the rice coal is 3/16" to 3/8". These sizes are available in both bags and in bulk.

Heating with Anthracite Coal

Burning anthracite coal in quality coal stove provides an economical heating alternative as a main or supplemental heat source. The BTU content and price of the product ass up for a real savings. Combine this with the fact that the source of coal is not based on imports from other countries and the quantities available in Pennsylvania is very large with no threat of running out soon. This both saves you mony and you can expect better future stablilty in the price since this product is free from fluctuations based on foreign conflicts.