Blacksmith CoalBlacksmith_Coal

Metallurgical grade bituminous blacksmith coal that produces about 15,500 BTUs. High BTU output or "high heat". This product is selected for rapid ignition with full coking. Low smoke so that this product creates a flam that can be closely worked with when forging metals. The other selection criterion of the blacksmith coal we stock  is a low sulfur content for reduced emissions. In addition it is selected for low ash content and high carbon content.

Our Blacksmith (Bituminous) coal is a relatively soft coal in comparison to anthracite coal. So this coal burns off the impurities quickly and forms “coke;” a lighter, hotter fuel than the dense and rocky anthracite. Heating coal is anthracite or hard coal. Since in blacksmithing the goal is to place the metal to be heated in the coals, soft coal and coke work better for the job by creating more coked coals.

Blacksmithing coal has a BTU ranges from slightly over 10,000 to about 15,500.

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