Coal Supply

Boston Coal supplies coal in the Eastern Massachusetts area. We will happily deliver anthracite coal in bulk or bag from Worchester up to the New Hampshire Boarder and out onto the cape, so give us a call. We supply a most sizes of coal for home heating needs and blacksmithing. There is a choice of bulk delivery from our dump body trucks and soon will have a high dump coal truck to make it easier to fill your coal bins. For cleanliness and ease of handling we have 40 pound plastic bags of coal so bringing coal into the house and up stairs is easier.

Size of Coal Supplied

Other than blacksmithing coal all other sizes listed below are high quality Anthracite coal. By quality we mean an anthracite coal that with high BTU content, low ash content and low sulfur content for clean burning. We carry the following sizes;

  • Stove Coal
  • Nut Coal
  • Chestnut Coal
  • Pea Coal
  • Rice Coal
  • Blacksmithing Coal


A one ton Pallet of coal consist of 2,000 lbs of coal in 40 lbs bags each so the bag count is 50 bags per pallet and fork lift unloaded for your convenience.


Dump delivery of bulk coal is available at your convenience. Please let us know of any conditions that would affect delivery so we can have the right equipment

Coal Bins

If you are new to buying bulk coal and need a coal bin we will both supply the bin and fill it with coal for you.

For information on any of our services please call 781-254-2773 for any questions you may have